Gardner a full Classic!!

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The high end and mid-line Gardner 8's are now Full Classics.

Based on style, power, quality and innovation, many of us have called our Gardner car a classic.  Now many can be called a Classic, the change came about when the Classic Car Club of America officially recognized the high end and mid-line eight cylinder models as full Classics.

High end models:                     Mid-Line Models:
1925 - 1926 model 8A
1926 - 1927 model 8B
1927 - model 90
1928 - model 8-90                     model 8-85                   
1928 - 1929 model 95              model 85
1929 - model 130                      model 125
1930 - model 150                      model 140
1931 - model 158                      model 148

With this honor,  Gardner joins the ranks of Duesenberg, Packard, Cord and other marques as an outstanding example of automotive engineering and styling. 

From the CCCA web site:       Classic Car Club of America
Why We Define Classics As We Do
Usually the cars recognized as “CCCA Classics” were built in
limited production numbers and were quite expensive when new.
As a group, they represent the pinnacle of engineering, styling and
design for their era.” 

The recognition is not something won, rather something earned by Russell and Fred Gardner when high standards, and engineering, led to the building of “That Distinctively Different Motor Car”.