1825-1926 Griffin
Also used on some 1927 models

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On offer is a rare Griffin car mascot originally introduced with the
introduction of the 1925 8-Cylinder Gardner and carried through 1926
models, as well as the 1927 Landaulet Roadster. A unique identifiable
feature of this particular Griffin mascot is the downward pointing head.

Cast in brass, this mascot exhibits exceptional detail and factory original
nickel plating. It stands 4-1/2" tall with a 3-3/4" wide wingspan. The
wooden base is for display purposes only and is not included in the sale.

For references purposes, an example of this mascot is shown in the book,
Motoring Mascots of the World, page 41, plate 115.

Offered at USD $575.00, plus shipping.

John Lowell