Steerng Wheel Control Repair
Knobs & SS Cables

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Replacement & Repair of Spark, Throttle and Light Control Levers
Services available include:
Making levers from bronze
Restoration of wood wheel
Reproduction of Metal or Ivory Knobs for push/pull switches
Reproduction Stainless Steel Choke cables with 1920's style knobs.

Inventory of steering wheels
Inventory of related parts - Horn button, control tubes, misc related parts,
    various control levers in stock

Northwood Boatworks
7680 Dundas Rd Nw
Alden, MI 49612
(231) 331-6516

Early 4 cyl model

1924 Example

1925 -1927 6 & 8 Cylinder Models
Top 2 control levers are correct
Bottom lever is a replacement

Above was introduced during the   
1928 model year and continued
into 1929.

Example from 1928 with a defective base plate.
One Base tube with 3 control tubes inside


1923 Model Control handles changed

1924 Example

1927 Model Side view of the
3 Control levers
Note: The match of the finger
knob to available finger knobs

1928 - 1929 3 lever system
NOTE: Different models used
different sizes

Example of 1930 -1931 models