1927 - 1928 Front & Rear Fenders

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I Have a set of fenders 1927 -28 Gardner car I am asking $3,500.00 for the set.
You can pick-up in Oklahoma city Oklahoma
Don Thompson
405 923-3014

Site Admin Notes:
This style of fender was used on the following models.  Check the measurements to insure a match.
1927 2nd series model 80,
1928 1st series model 75, model 80, model 85,
1928 2nd series model 75
all of the above have a wheel base of 122"
1927 2nd series model 90.  wheel base of 125 or 130. 
This set look the same as those above but are longer. Note the 1928 2nd series model 85 used different fenders.

Check the above measurements with your fenders