1927-1931 Hood

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The hood is in good shape with one side of the hood still painted and the other side with surface rust.
Jeff is asking $250.00 so that the hood can find a good home with a Gardner.
If you have an interest in this hood please contact Jeff Buckley and he can get you any
other measurements that you may need.

Located in St. Louis - Can be brought to the Hershey, PA show & swap meet Oct 9-12, 2019

Jeff Buckley
314 608 8092

Site Admin Comments
There were differences between the years and you will need to check measurements
to insure a correct fit.
A hood of this style was used on the following models.
1927 model 80
1928 model 75, 80 85
1929 model 120, 125

The top panels were different for 1930 & 1931 However the side panels may be the same.
1930 model 140
1931 model 148







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